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We've Been Up To

See below for a selection of community projects and

initiatives spearheaded by the One Voice brain trust.

Click here for a list of of our Corporate Projects.

RainMaker Program

BC-Centric Rainmaker Program

We're creating new incomes for hospitality and entertainment businesses that are facing new challenges in this new normal. This initiative requires no new overhead and is a Covid-safe offering that leverages NextGen tech to be unveiled on Vancouver Island.

Destination Experience

Myriad Experience

An out of this world experience that is a step beyond reality and excites all the senses 

✓ Visit anywhere 

✓ Enjoy any food 

✓ No boundaries 




An exciting new platform being created to uplift the artists and entrepreneurs that call Vancouver Island home.

Image by Lesly Derksen

Maple Tree



Maple Tree is growing! We’re taking on a huge redesign both online and off. Stay tuned for more information on the reveal soon to come!

Image by Matt Montgomery
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