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Myriad Experience: BC Centric Rainmaker Program

BC Business Owners

We're creating new incomes for hospitality and entertainment businesses that are facing new challenges in this new normal. This initiative requires no new overhead and is a Covid-safe offering that leverages NextGen tech to be unveiled on Vancouver Island.

What is the Myriad Experience?

An enthralling, uniquely entertaining, and immersive experience that transports participants as they stand in place, without headsets or gear of any kind. Imagine whisking your loved one away to be immersed in the aurora borealis, to swim with dolphins, to stroll along a street in Paris, and an Italian seaside - all in one amazing Destination Date.

Complete transportation to the sights and sounds, and aromas of beautiful vistas, other cities and countries, under the sea, the tops of the highest peak, or tho celestial scenes light-years away. Quality sound and amazing visuals combined with 'white-glove' customer service create an irresistible offering, that has the flexibility to completely change from week to week - thus creating an interested, captive, and exciting customer base.

Destination Date Potential Ad (1).png

The experience is one of a kind, and only available to those engaged with the One Voice Team, which creates excitement interest as the next big thing, to the local communities starved for safe, interesting new entertainment.

How it works?


The One Voice Team sets ups, promotes, hosts and runs the Myriad Experience™ immersion in your existing space or retail space in Victoria, where new and existing customers will be glad to pay eagerly for the opportunity to enjoy this safe, extraordinary VR/AR experience with absolutely no extra gear!

YOU decide WHERE and WHEN you wish to have the Myriad Experience set up.

YOU decide HOW your new income will be structured.

Do you want customers to pay for tickets, and receive income from ticket sales only?

Do you want to attract customers to your venue and have them pay a cover charge or a price fix for the experience plus food and beverage?

Do you want to leverage our retail space in Victoria and split profits of ticket sales we will generate by cross promoting?

Do you want to feature and promote your product for sale in our gallery?


You and One Voice split the profits. You invest zero dollars and enjoy the benefits of the program.


You and One Voice make a charitable contribution together which we will make sure Press and Media know all about.

What it costs?
Absolutely NOTHING.

It costs you nothing, zip, zero, nada. One Voice absorbs the costs in a pay forward fashion, and you and One Voice split the profits.


We suggest you tell your current customers about this happening as it is being planned in whatever way you normally communicate with them about anything new at your place. We promise to wow them.

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