Our Team
and Our Story

Rosanna Pittella


PMP, MA, PhD - Rosanna is an ideation and thought leader, a specialist in all things business, technical and change optimization. She steadfastly shares Alice of Wonderland’s habit of “imagining six impossible things before breakfast.”  Rosanna will share the vision, shoulder the challenge, blaze the trail, demonstrating daily her belief that no problem is unsolvable.

Jake Hawley

Media Specialist

Jake is a videographer

and photographer from Ontario who moved to BC to pursue wildlife and nature documenting. With One Voice, he will be taking charge of telling not only our story, but yours as well.

Jessica Pittella

Community Liaison

MA - Jessica is the ultimate advocate and guardian of families and children in need. She is a staunch supporter and designer of child-centric business, political, and community programs and relationships. Jessica applies her expertise and advanced education in community services and marketingto work hand-in-hand with Island families toward a brighter future.

Philip Rotstein


ME - Phil is a senior environmental scientist, and lifelong student. He applies both agile and  scientific methods to business and community problems of every complexity and dimension. Phil will frame your problem as a question to be answered, hypothesize, and then iteratively test, improve and execute a solution to serve you with excellence.

Kaitlyn Thomas

Communications Manager

Kaitlyn is people-oriented: a psychology major, self-defense instructor, and an amateur creative soul. Her goal, along with One Voice, is to assist in making your experience with us the best it can possibly be.

Lucas Pitella

Hospitality Designer

Lucas was imported from Brazil based on his tenure with some of the most valued hospitality locations in the world as a global restaurant builder, manager, and designer, mixologist, and menu & ambiance developer. He brings his exotic flair and artistic panache, coupled with decades of rich experience, to consult and contour the hospitality marketing profile and offerings of One Voice.



Who is One Voice?


One Voice, short for The One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education, utilizes the wealth of industry experience contributed through its members and network to provide management consultation services and carry out community engagement initiatives. The team defines itself as a brain trust of problem solvers geared at addressing world wide issues.

Its reputation as such began in 2009, when the Directors Rosanna Pittella and Philip Rotstein started the company in Pennsylvania. In addition to delivering solutions for global corporations, the team took on issues related to the practices and politics of education. One Voice hosted conferences for educators internationally and across the United States. These conferences welcomed university professors and k-12 teachers from over 60 countries. The One Voice team provided a voice and platform for collaboration and problem solving through teaching and partnered research. In 2012 One Voice started the WebTalk Radio program “Voice of American Education” as well as published the book How Deconstructing the American School System will Reconstruct the American Dream

In 2019 the Directors relocated to Victoria, BC and have begun a focus on uplifting Vancouver Island artists and entrepreneurs through the upcoming Isla Spotlight.

Click here to learn more about the Isla Spotlight project. 

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