Optimization. Transformation. Acceleration. 

Triggering quantum leaps of growth for people, teams, groups, organizations, and communities. 

We specialize in solutions, productivity and excellence for people and organizations.

Startup or established, profitable or striving to be, organized or in creative chaos, steadfast on the current path or in need of a compass, our skilled, experienced team will optimize your journey within desired budget and timelines. Dedicated to positive change, our team works to assist individuals and families in need, by partnering with local community groups, fellow businesses and non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life on Vancouver island and beyond.

Management Consultation Analysis and assessment, Identification of gaps, issues, and opportunities for growth, Guidance regarding staffing and human resource development,  Requirements deep dive, Planning, phasing, and execution of the success journey.

 Community Engagement Partnership with members, groups, organizations, and businesses for the greater good, Identification of opportunities for positive change, community growth, financial stability, and unity through collaboration,   Planning and execution of supportive events including  unique fundraising experiences.

Strategic Development Work with startups to build foundations and support growth, Assist established business and community organizations at every level to reach desired goals of success, profitability and value, Definition and leadership of programs and projects focused on attainment of strategic goals or tactical measures.

Creative Solutions Brainstorming, evaluation, and examination of challenges and problems of businesses and community organizations, Prompt delivery of viable options  Narratives, storyboards and descriptions of feasible scenarios, Proofs of concept for structured remediation programs for business and community organization problems.

There is a kind of magic when you have the help, support, and guidance of trusted advisers especially when they sincerely care about your outcomes.

All businesses, organizations, teams, departments, and their members face challenges to the achievement of their visions and missions.  Our vision and mission is to act as shepherd and sherpa for those on such a journey.

Best Business Practices  Industry Knowledge

Based on your requirements and goals, budgets and timelines, we will construct a plan to accomplish your objectives. Timely research of latest relevant technology,  best practices, and/or what the competition may be doing, are embedded in planning andrecommendations and designed with your best interests inmind. 

Highly Experienced, Trained Professionals

Our team is defined by its members, each of whom brings with him/her decades of diverse but relevant experience,  advanced education and training, and deep dedication to service delivery with a high standard of excellence. Leaders all, our team members can provide the guidance and motivation needed to deliver initiatives of all scopes. 

Satisfaction is ALWAYS Guaranteed

To simply deliver your requirements as described in a standard agreement or statement of work is not satisfying to us even if that is the usual expectation.  Delivery of the leadership, research, assessment, planning, and execution needed to exceed your expectations is always our goal. Delivering unsurpassed value is our operating standard. 

Unparalleled Customer Service Every Day

You, as our valued customer, deserve our respect and support, as we would expect it in return.  The partnership we strike with you is based on our unparalleled appreciation, manifested in our undivided attention and commitment to your success.  We build business and community relationships to last a lifetime, so customer and community service is at the heart of all we do.

We formulate creative solutions to problems businesses and communities face and work shoulder to shoulder to implement them.

Everyday we look for ways to apply our energy, experience, skills, tactical and strategic  abilities, collaboration, dedication, and full focus on ways to help our business partners and community.  Each of us is a problem solver who sincerely cares about outcomes. that impact you and your team and business. 

About Us

THE ONE VOICE INSTITUTE was founded by experts in disparate fields (info technology, global portfolio and program management, education, environmental science, human and community services, and hospitality design)  that in coming together have created a brain trust that is equipped and eager to apply its composite abilities to resolve problems for people, businesses and communities.  The combination of perspectives, multiple contexts, rare diverse and rich experiences, credentials and advanced education, comprises the secret weapon of the organization.  The One Voice Leadership Team welcomes the challenge and privilege of assessing the issues and concerns of its clients, colleagues, community, and customers defining creative signature resolutions, and investing itself in implementations fully, successfully, and with excellence.

A Little Bit of History

The members of the One Voice Leadership Team over the course of the last thirty years have made significant contributions to the world that they wish only to exceed. These include the achievement of a PhD in Education and Organizational Leadership, 3 Masters Degrees in Human Services, Environmental Engineering, and Math, Physics and History,  the hosting of years of global conferences bringing educators from 62 countries together to share research and publish findings in annual compendiums, planning and execution  of countless successful global information technology initiatives including agile LEAN conversions,  migrations, and change management,partnership with public and private schools to support special needs children,  design of a unique child-centric holistic school model and publication of a book spotlighting its academic and historical basis, investigation and remediation of countless environmental contamination sites including community outreach and engagement, incubation of small start up businesses, mentorship of countless resources,formulation of a successful pain management model for those suffering with fibromyalgia,  and the design and development of a unique hospitality business model.

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