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Isla Spotlight

One Voice has turned its focus on uplifting and spotlighting Vancouver Island artists and entrepreneurs.


We see their immense talent as global assets. We want to increase income for these creators in order to increase their profitability and stability, and decrease their dependence on seasonal and fluctuating tourist dollars. Our goal is to generate positive change and establish a beneficial business infrastructure that stimulates economic stability.

The Isla Spotlight platform is being designed to unite artists and entrepreneurs of Vancouver Island and showcase them on a global level. Our platform will be geared toward promoting the talented people we have here --what they do, what they sell-- and creating a network of business opportunities. The spotlight will include coaching, mentorship, job opportunities, talent management, and professional photography & videography for creators and their businesses.


Access to support and business consultation is provided at zero upfront cost to partners. Read more about our model in our Partner Handshake Agreement.

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We are scheduling Discovery meetings for new partners now. If you are an artist or entrepreneur who wants more information, please get in touch.

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